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Healthy Advantage

Basic Beginnings offers Healthy Advantage, a package of affordable benefits exclusively for employees of Inspire Care 360 members!

Learn, and enroll or waive!

Free TeleMed Plan

This plan, including the Telemed and Rx discounts comes at absolutely no cost to you! It’s 100% free!

We encourage you to read the links below for more detailed information. 

There is a  licensed Benefits Counselor who will contact you at the Center. This benefits counselor is only signing employees up for the health benefits described below. See the Director for your scheduled time. Talk to your Benefit Counselor about what you need and enroll in the plans that work for you. Employees are eligible for these benefits after 60 days of employment. Please read the information below and explore the options before talking to the licensed benefits counselor.

Minimum Essential Care Medical Plans

These are affordable medical plan options for everyday care. Please note that this is not comprehensive health insurance. These plans do not cover major medical. Furthermore they will not replace Marketplace health plans, and do not disqualify you for the tax credit. 

◼ Basic MEC: Preventive Care paid at 100%, telehealth with $0 copay, RX discount.

◼ Virtual MEC: Basic, plus copays for generic RX and behavioral health (3x/year).

◼ Ultra MEC: Virtual, plus copays for Primary Care visits and Urgent Care, and Network discount applied to specialist visits, labs, and xrays.

◼ Ultimate MEC: Ultra, plus copays for Brand RX, specialist visits and labs and xrays.


Details of each plan are explained in the links below.

Voluntary Benefits

Sometimes called “supplemental insurance,” voluntary benefits are policies designed to help keep your finances healthier during and after a medical event. These benefits pay you directly, to help pay for things other insurance won’t cover, such as lost wages, deductibles, and household bills. These policies can be GUARANTEED ISSUE during your enrollment!

Colonial Life supplemental insurance can be used in tandem with other plans to further enhance your coverage. These supplemental benefits provide additional financial protection for specific circumstances. It’s important to be aware that these supplemental benefits do come at an additional cost.

We encourage you to read more about the supplemental benefits offered by Colonial Life by following the link below. It’s crucial to understand the details of these benefits to make informed decisions about your insurance coverage and ensure you have the right level of protection for you and your family.