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Early Learning Center

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Infant Team

Our Infant Team

Our teachers for infants under the age of one year play an important role in helping you provide a nurturing and stimulating foundation for your baby’s developing brain.

We strive to provide continuity of care by keeping infants with the same caregivers for the first three years.  That allows the caregivers time to really get to know and understand your child’s unique needs, AND it gives you the comfort of knowing who is going to be responding to your special requests for your child’s care.

We offer training to our staff that is specifically designed to make sure they understand the importance of a child’s earliest years.  All training is provided at no cost to your child’s teachers, and completion of training levels is rewarded with a pay increase to encourage participation.

  • Classes to earn the Wyoming Infant and Toddler Credential are offered onsite to all our staff every semester.

  • The nationally recognized Child Development Associate Credential is offered at least once each year.

  • And before any employee is allowed to assume a position caring for children, they complete orientation training, a basic health and safety course, and First Aid/CPR certification.

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