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Special Programs

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Ms. Novetta

Spanish Teacher - fostering an early connection to the Spanish language

Ms. Novetta brings a wealth of experience and passion to the Basic Beginning Early Learning Center, and has for over seven years! Having retired as a seasoned 1st grade teacher, she seamlessly transitioned into her current role as the cherished Spanish teacher, leaving an indelible mark on our center. The children's genuine engagement in her lessons is a testament to her ability to bridge the gap between education and play, fostering a deep sense of joy and curiosity in their language-learning journey.

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Ms. Hunter

Art Teacher - Nurturing Creative Expression

Ms. Hunter, our devoted Art Teacher at the Basic Beginnings, possesses a passion for cultivating creativity in her students. With 5 years of experience teaching paint classes, a Child Development Associates degree and an Associates degree in Art Education, she skillfully merges theory with practice in our early learning environment. Ms. Hunter's vibrant approach fosters self-expression and kindles an enduring love for the arts, as she continues to pursue her degree in Art Education. Her dedication to nurturing young talents leaves an inspiring mark on our artistic journey.