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Welcome to Basic Beginnings!

We look forward to having you as a part of our team. This page will help you get started on everything required by the State of Wyoming for anyone working in our facility.

Here are the instructions for all the hoops our Early Childhood Educators must go through to meet those requirements. I know the list seems lengthy but they aren’t too bad. Bear with us! The first three are the most important to do first – the Central Registry Screen, the TB Risk Assessment, and the Fingerprint Background Check. The rest you just want to complete as soon as possible. You will not be allowed alone with children until they are all complete.

The Employee Handbook has information about Basic Beginnings and our policies and procedures. 

Employee Orientation

New Employee Orientation is a PowerPoint that repeats many of the details from the handbook with more detailed information on how Basic Beginnings operates as a licensed child care facility in the State of Wyoming.

First Day Training

3. First Day Training: We know that the first day at any new place can be overwhelming. Please go through this helpful presentation to get ready for a fun first day!


Wyoming Stars

Before you start the next training, please make a Wyoming Stars account. This is where you will track your trainings and earn credits. You will  be able to sign up for future trainings here too!

Basic Health and Safety Training

There is a Basic Health and Safety Training that all licensed early childhood teachers must complete. It takes a while, but you can leave it and return several times. It is through the Wyoming Stars Thinkific website that many of our trainings are through. There are 6 different trainings, that cover 10 different areas that are very important for everyone to know before they can start working! Make an account, and have fun!


DFS Licensing Rules

You are required by our licensing agency to sign a form stating that you have read and understand the Wyoming DFS Child Care Licensing Regulations. Please read CHAPTERS 1, 4, 7, 8, AND 10! Not very fun reading, but it will help you understand why we do some things the way we do!

Early Learning Standards

The Wyoming Early Learning Standards is a resource created by Wyoming educators and stakeholders in the Early Care and Education field. These standards set a baseline for basic skills that we will help our community meet. As educators understanding these standards and noticing them when planning and playing will help grow your skills and the minds of the children in our care! Please follow the link and click “Enroll for Free” to continue!

Child & Adult Care Food Program

We are participants in the Child and Adult Care Food Program. They require two trainings for all our employees. Our CACFP training will let you know our expectations for meal time. The Civil Rights training will provide all information necessary to ensure that our program is in compliance with federal civil rights laws. Please print or email an administrator your certificate upon completion.