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The Basic Beginnings Project Preschool Program

The Basic Beginnings Project Preschool Program is based upon planned learning and play activities that encourage children to explore and discover facts about themselves and the world in which they live.  Our preschool teachers are certified by the Wyoming Professional Teaching Standards Board.  This knowledge helps them to effectively facilitate activities that engage and interest the children, while using the Wyoming Early Learning Foundations for Ages 3-5 to ensure that children’s needs are being met in all developmental domains, including:

  • Approaches to Learning: initiative and curiosity, persistence and attention, and cooperation.

  • Language Development: receptive and expressive language.

  • Literacy Knowledge and Skills: alphabetical skills, print concepts, early writing, phonological awareness, and book appreciation.

  • Logic and Reasoning: reasoning and problem solving, and symbolic representation.

  • Math Knowledge and Skills: number concepts and quantities, number relations and operations, geometry, patterns, spatial sense, measurement and comparison.

  • Physical Development and Health: physical health status, health knowledge and practice, gross motor, and fine motor.

  • Science Knowledge and Skills: scientific skills and methods, conceptual knowledge of the natural and physical world.

  • Social and Emotional Development: social relationships, self-concept and self-efficacy, self-regulation, emotional and behavioral health.

  • Social Studies Knowledge and Skills: self, family and community, people and the environment, history and events.

Carefully selected learning centers encourage children to develop the skills that will create later successes in both school and life. Because children are unique individuals with different needs, we offer both a part-time preschool program and a full-time option. Regardless of which program best fits your family’s needs, your child’s day will be filled with music, art, stories, dancing, games and movement activities. The educational benefits of children’s play activities are further enhanced through social interactions with peers and teachers. Regular assessments of children’s progress help the teachers to identify and address the educational needs of each individual child. Parents are involved in determining the educational goals for their own child.

Our preschool program is supported with funding, technical assistance, monitoring and regular evaluations from the Wyoming Department of Education and the Wyoming Department of Family Services.  Tuition assistance is available for qualifying families.



Getting Started Is Easy

1. Call to schedule a tour

Know the care providers and the environment where your child will be spending their time.

2.Complete enrollment packet

Tell us what you need and want for your child.

3. Enroll

Leave your child with confidence.