Basic Beginnings

Early Learning Center

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Basic Beginnings

Basic Beginnings is a child care center and preschool program dedicated to providing safe, nurturing, and educational experiences to children aged 6 weeks through 12 years.

We understand that choosing someone outside of your family to care for your child during the day is a very difficult decision. We want to make sure that you feel secure and confident in your child’s well-being while they are in someone else’s care. We do our very best to provide a safe, healthy and stimulating environment where your child will grow and learn. 

We have a highly qualified teaching staff who understand that each child is an individual with unique feelings and needs. Our classrooms are separated and enclosed, providing a quiet, well-equipped environment designed specifically for the age of children who will be using it. 

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What We Do

We utilize a curriculum that ensures that all of the basic educational needs of the children are met on a daily basis, including social and emotional skills, language development, cognitive learning and physical development. And we have a 38-year history of offering the nurturing and attentive care you want for your child.

We believe strongly that childhood should be a happy and exciting time of life, and that children should be encouraged to grow and learn at their own individual pace. Our educational philosophy is shaped by the child’s need for exploration, creative expression and positive guidance. Our educational curriculum is learning-center based for hands-on activity and to encourage success without stress every day for every child.

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